2006: A year in review

Well let’s see:

It was a quiet year. Finally went to Arizona to see my parents.

Hurt my back and had to leave Curves which I was only maintaining anyway.

Worked out like crazy lost 10lbs in body fat but weight did not go down very well. (Resolution)

Began running my own Serenity Events at Cons.

Went to Pheonix to play at a con.

Ran my first 3rd ed event at a con. It sucked big time.

J. and I went to Las Vegas…had way too much fun.

Pooh Bunny Blow Out 2006.

Cleaned house…got new furniture…

Introduced Wynnie to Dagny. They make great lesbian lovers.

Resolutions: Loose more weight…buy recumbant bikeI’ve never bought exercise equipment before..but getting to a gym is becoming nearly impossible. I’ve been doing the tapes I have pretty well. Current weight 193…(I just got back from the doctor…it’s muscle weight!)

Pay off Cards. Don’t ask. They’re not so bad but it has to be done so I can:

Save for new flooring for upstairs

Save for new car.

A person in danger should not try to escape at one stroke. He should first calmly hold his own, then be satisfied with small gains, which will come by creative adaptations.I Ching




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