2013: College

Last year, I got to look at the insurance world from the other side. Let me tell you, the abyss is bottomless and has monsters. It’s not a career choice I wanted to make but I jumped on the options available.

Yeah, still don’t want to be an insurance agent.

The thing is that I’m getting interviews for designer positions, some multiple times. Yet, I lose out to those with a college degree. Yes, I have a degree,  but I don’t have a full developer tool set.

And let’s not kid ourselves, the ads all want folks with a bigger package to offer in web development.

So I made an appointment at Devry to see what it would take to go back to school for web development. Apparently it takes five minutes. So I enrolled.

I don’t have a job right now. I still need that, of course. Next week thought I start my first college course in 11 years. It feels freaky. I’m still using my degree. I have more books in me yet.

It seemed a crime against the universe to let a man die who would fight a duel using a bagpipe.Andre Norton and Sherwood Smith






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