2022 – Dogs, Streams, Moving, and Health

The thing about having three dogs is that every morning, in order to get outside, you’ve got to chase them around, get them dressed get their harnesses on. Then you can go outside. Wait no. You need baggies and treats. Oh, it’s raining put on rain jackets. Gir took off his shoes. Put them back on. Quibble couldn’t wait, clean that up. Okay, now I’m ready, oops, I took off my shoes to clean up the mess. Mochi is crying, and Gir has decided to open the door himself. Shoot, did I forget to put on my jacket before I put the belt on for the leashes?

This is Mochi. She is a demon.

It’s a whole thing and reminds me of when my kid was little.

Hold up. Three dogs?

Yes, well Mochi entered my life a few months ago. So now with Quibble and Gir, I now have a (at the time of this writing) 6-month-old puppy. And that’s not even the end of what happened in the latter half of 2022.

I moved to Washington. At first, it was, I need to find a new place to live. Then it was maybe I should move out of Idaho. Then they brought guns to the farmer’s market to protect from Antifa and yep, it’s time to leave Idaho.

So I started looking for an apartment. But then Mochi happened, and now I needed to find a private renter, cause three dogs is a no go from a corporate landlord. So I’m looking and find a rent-to-own company. A legit one. Even better, I qualify with them. I start talking to realtors and one sends me their mortgage guy… just in case.

Trees in Washington
Trees down the street from me

Screw rent-to-own. I just bought a townhome.

Through this, I’m off to NWTS, where I get to meet all kinds of tarot people, including Benebell Wen. I’m painting, making videos, streaming writing and then I move.

It all kind of came crashing down because now I have to unpack. And it’s been slow. I still can’t find the clip for my monitors. I haven’t even started the studio room. My socks are missing. I keep getting sick (everything but covid). The dogs are undecided about the backyard.


I love it here.

My streams are canceled this week due to sickness, but please head over to Youtube and my channel at: and check out the videos there. Right now it’s mostly video games as for my sanity, PS5 got set up first. I hope to have something setup soon but a new painting video will be up tomorrow as well.

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Outline: Dreamfire
Okay, yeah, personally? Not a big fan of the Karmic Boogeyman. I know he lives under a lot of Pagan beds, grabbing ankles and scaring people into idleness. But honestly, all you have to do to vanquish him is take responsibility for your words and your actions. Own what you do, accept the positive and/or negative consequences, The End. Not the most popular metaphysical point of view in this day and age, but there you go.Evn



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