22 Things I’ve learned from the 1st season of Lost

Movie night for the last 6 months has been Lost. We all missed the show and decided it was too convoluted to follow too late when we all actually got cable. Since the show is rumored to be ending soon and most seasons are on DVD…we figured this was a good time to start. Last night we finished Season 1. We found the show predictable but fun. I wanted to share a few things I’ve learned.

1. Doctors are self-defeating all the time. If there is something dangerous to do they don’t say, hey maybe I’m important enough not to carry dynamite, they do it. And if you tell them no, they get all sneak and do it anyway. Also doctors are great for charging into the woods with out any idea of where they are going. Luckily other people go get them when their done.

2. Heroin comes from the sky.

3. If you name wasn’t mentioned in the first five episodes of the show followed by a flash back in the first season then you are red shirt. The moment your name is mentioned the clock starts ticking and you will die within one to two episodes.

4. It is possible to kill the character with Super Stupid. Heroes are you listening?

5. Every camp needs a slut.

6. If a boat is anything smaller than a very large BARGE…they are not here to save you.

7. Do not leave people with children alone at any time…they are in capable of holding on to said children if you do.

8. The French are not be trusted.

9. If hope is what’s in the box…you’re not supposed to open it. Apparently that’s the only myth John Locke NEVER read.

10. LARPing is a good skill base for being stranded.

11. It goes to reason that the hunters spend three weeks hunting and come back with nothing you should probably send some one else.

12. Bathe DOWN stream.

13. Poisoning people is okay for fun.

14. Toys are worth more than gold.

15. Listen to the dude who has nothing better to do than complain. He’s paying attention.

16. Don’t wave Dynamite around.

17. Discussing the important stuff is the easy way out. Why give all the details to something to prevent misunderstandings when you have people try to kill each other instead?

18. Everyone has a death wish.

19. Faith is scary.

20. Science is scary.

21. Socially Inept Gamers are to be feared.

22. Children with psychic powers and the ability to destroy the world should be sent to deserted islands. It’s just best that way.

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