3D Realism

The holy grail of 3D has and will always be photo-realism.

The funny thing is that everyone takes this to the extreme degree.

Realists get uptight if you do cartoon form. As if unreal or un-anatomically correct is evil in itself. Non-realists don’t care and go on making cute pics (apparently cute is the opposite of real, don’t tell my daughter that 🙂

Then we get those afraid of realism.

When the Final Fantasy Movie came out Tom Hanks spoke out about how this was dangerous to his profession…I bet Donald Sutherland was PO’ed to be called fake. 😉 Even worse, Hanks is a two time star of a 3d animated flick, the second being heralded for its realistic texturing.

Okay Tom, whatever.

In reality(tm), we know that 3D will not take over live action any time soon, if ever. Just like in reality(tm), a good deal of us knows non-realistic 3D is okay, and fun.

Can’t we all just get along….?

Update: Well I suppose we can. Apparently there is a third camp I didn’t not even consider when writing this: Those that just don’t like cartoons. What sad people they are. 🙂
© Michelle Norton

Okay, yeah, personally? Not a big fan of the Karmic Boogeyman. I know he lives under a lot of Pagan beds, grabbing ankles and scaring people into idleness. But honestly, all you have to do to vanquish him is take responsibility for your words and your actions. Own what you do, accept the positive and/or negative consequences, The End. Not the most popular metaphysical point of view in this day and age, but there you go.Evn






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