3D Thinking

I just realized that spatial oriented thinking is a problem for some people.

Give me an empty room, show me the furniture that you want in that room, and I’ll be able to tell you where to put it. I’ve already got the lay out down in my head for my new house (it will be face the opposite direction I keep forgetting that), which drives my family crazy. They keep asking me if it will fit. I’ve never been wrong before about this kind of thing. I’ve been able to translate this ability to 3D quite well. The book explanations don’t seem that complicated to me.

I find people complaining all the time that in 3D software they can’t tell where to put things. Alternatively, they need guides or it is impossible to move something in that way and make it work. I suppose this harder for animators than for stills as the objects have to line up and move together at multiple camera angles. You can cheat a little at stills. It only has to look lined up from one camera angle. It is best to check various angles in order to be sure but this does help a bit.

In cooking, I take the same approach. First, I try to think of the taste I am craving. Then what elements make that particular taste?

I lack in other areas where people seem to whiz by me. I have trouble with painting and math for two. Numbers don’t really translate into any thing for me without a chart. Painting, I really enjoy it but everything I do comes out toonish. Perhaps I exaggerate my lines and depth too much….hrm.

Just some thoughts on the subject..it astounds me sometimes to find I am in the minority.

© Michelle Norton

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