Day One

Well I meant to start Day One of “Write Your First Draft in 30 Days” on the first. No excuse I guess.

I will start today. Luckily, I’ve already completed the first two days. I’ll spend the time fleshing out locations and characters. Did that make any sense?

I hope I can accomplish stuffing my 7 continuous chapters and 100,000 words of misc. scenes into some order using this method. On the plus side another short story is reaching completion.

I’ve managed to get the Beast cleaned up. I have a few files (8 cd’s worth) to take off the drive. That will leave me with the majority of my hard drive free.

I remember why I hated glasses. Mine broke again this morning. I still had an old kit left from before I got the surgery. However it managed to walk out of my purse between my house and work. I found it later but the screws in the kit are a bit too big. I need a newer kit.


Fireworks were fun. I enjoyed the Aurora show. It’s big, there’s music and food. This year a Sci Fi exhibit opened at the museum so we got a free tour and my daughter got to hug Chewbacca. (Edit: my daughter wanted me to point out that we shouldn’t watch China’s fireworks because Mulan would be upset.) What, she’s 4.

Wow…MS Word knows how to spell Chewbacca. Well I guess that isn’t that surprising.

It was cool. Most of it was books, which gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.

The home game I play every other week is going kind of blah. The campaign is on hiatus while two of our players take care of business. So we are doing some dungeon crawls. It’s hard to play card board characters in a dungeon crawl. I love one shots, but only because the offer story and role-playing. What we were doing last Saturday had none of those. Still we’ve made characters, so maybe it will get better. I’m really starting to like the Dungeon and Dragons 3.5 Monk. Not as powerful as the Spycraft version, or even 3.0. Still it has its quirks and benefits. I managed to live throughout this first adventure without a name. I’ve got to pick one. And make a picture…got to make the picture. (Should do that for my con characters too…)

I wander over to Fark from time to time. I’ve debated putting a link up there. I’m just not weird enough.

You’ll notice I signed up for Technorati Let the hilarity ensue.

But over at Making Light they have this quiz:

Which Random Magic Character are you?

I was Nevermore.

“It isn’t pollution that’s harming the environment. It’s the impurities in our air and water that are doing it.”Former U.S. Vice-President Dan Quayle






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