A Caucausing We Went

Just so.

It was weird…and quick…and because we are Coloradans, ultimately futile. I don’t like Romney but he won Colorado and promptly dropped out. He’s firmly in the Asshat place now. The political landscape looks like this now:

McCain (scary megalomaniac 1)
Huckabee (crazy scary megalomaniac 2)
Ron Paul (He looks good right about now…he has a down side but the downs are not his priority…the constitution is.)

Clinton (Crazy Woman with power issues…who has already been president)
Barrack (willing to forgive anyone…no matter how evil they are…can you say wet tissue?)

So here I am caught between the choosing the lesser of two evils. I don’t CARE what they look like…I was behind Obama until he started inviting avoid bigots to his campaign. I don’t care what Hillary has down her pants…she was scary when Bill was in office. I don’t want her to have official power. McCain and Huckabee are crazy whack jobs. Paul is kind of a whack job…but he’s for gun toting hippees. I’m a gun toting hippee.

Speaking of which I finally got to shoot my Buck Mark last week. It was nice. I hope to get to practice with it more.

My new job is awesome but my activities have less time now. Ie: I’m on a real person’s schedule.

Aw well. I’m getting my stuff done.


52 Stories
Outline: Dreamfire
-Sarah beware, I have been generous up until now, but I can be cruel.

-Generous, what have you done that’s generous?

-Everything! Everything that you wanted, I have done. You asked that the child be taken, I took him. You cowered before me, I was frightening. I have reordered time. I have turned the world upside down, and I have done it all for you! I am exhausted from living up to your expectations, isn’t that generous?David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly – Labyrinth



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  1. The Dragon Queen Avatar
    The Dragon Queen

    Really, why vote for the lesser evil?

    Cthulhu 2008! Jump on our bandwagon 😉

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