A Day in History

Yes we have a new president. Yes it’s historic. Yes I wish we could kick out Bush now. Obama is change for good or ill, change.

But I’m here to talk about Mochi.

Mochi those stick gooey rice cakes filled with bean curd. I love them. You would too if you try them. In Colorado you can get them premade, ready to back and filled with ice cream.

Pacific Mercantile is generally the place to go for Japanese grocer items. We have a lot more Vietnamese and Korean grocers in Denver. They don’t have Mochi. Of the 7 I’ve checked including too of the largest, neither had mochi.

Pacific Mercantile is great…except it’s downtown, parking sucks and you can miss it on a one way street.

There another huge grocer with all the mochi you could want. Plus a lot of stuff. It’s on Alameda just before Federal. It’s Pacific Ocean Int’l Supermarket. For $20 I came away with 8 trays of premade mochi. Later I’ll get some of the ice cream. I suck at cooking it so I’m not going to buy any ready to cook.

But yeah mochi. Bad for my diet, yes. But I can only really stand one at day at most. I bought little ones, so far chestnut is my favorite out of the flavors I tried (strawberry, cranberry, pear, and plum).

Now that you’re staring at me cross-eyed. Time to hold our breath till January.

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This week, Pat Robertson said on “The 700 Club” that Christmas trees are not worth making a fuss over because they “come from Teutonic Paganism” and “are not an integral part of Christianity.” You know things are getting bad when even Robertson starts making sense.Unnamed News Source






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  1. The Dragon Queen Avatar
    The Dragon Queen

    Pacific Ocean Mercantile is on 120th & Main street in Broomfield too. I can’t stand the stuff, but to each his own, right?

  2. Michelle Avatar

    My sister doesn’t like it either.

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