A few things…in which I stop talking about myself…

I’m sure people are tired hearing about my stress. Still I saw the new floor last night in J.’s house…it’s very pretty.

We’ve just about filled the storage area. The house looks more empty…my garage more full.

Creation museum…

There’s a brand new science fiction museum run by idiots who think is all true. If you do decide to visit be sure to ignore the religious nut-jobs who are telling you this really happened…cause it’s all stupid but makes for a nice tribute to those early movies about curvaceous cave girl models a la Raquel Welch. You might need to read a book on Darwin to cleanse your mind after going.

Cheney’s own office
In case you thought you never had anything to fear from Cheney, you poor, poor fools…just remember he’s his own branch of office now. Silly Americans…of course we have four branches of government…the Judicial, the Executive, and the Legislative. New in 2007 we bring you the Cheney-really-runs-the-white-house puppet master branch.

Okay I’ll be nice…he says he’s not under executive orders because he’s part of the legislative branch as President of the Senate. I wonder what he’ll be when the Demo’s start to tell him they own his ass. We should make constitution, bill of rights and the declaration mandatory memorization for public office. If you can’t memorize it you can’t run.

Considering we’ve been joking for years that Cheney hides in the bushes to tell Bush what to say…this isn’t funny:

Hindu prayer in U.S. Senate draws religious protesters

What assholes….they should be made to publicly apologize. That was rude and stupid. Just…stupid.

But in case you thought that Pagans were safe:

Think about Rita Moran. This insane Christian Group is trying to destroy her based on the fact she’s a pagan.

Where do these people get off? Denver is a mostly tolerant place. Oh we have intolerance but not on the scale of some of these other places. Focus on the Family is in Colorado Springs and right now they are too busy the rest of the nation to worry about Colorado…besides they have their own silly problems.

This world is too fucked up.

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  1. Eric Robbins Avatar

    Thanks for touching on Rita’s situation. To update, they now are targeting another Dem Pagan here, and trespassed on Immanent Grove’s property to take oh-so-sinister photos of the ritual space, which are now on their website. Needless to say, the Sheriff’s department has been invited to participate in the festivities…more at andlittlefishes.blogspot.com
    Blessed Be,

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