A New Writing Tool

I obtained something nifty last night: An Asus EEE PC 900. It’s small…the size of a trade paperback and fits in my purse! It has XP and a very small storage space…so writing only. That’s fine…and it means I need to sell my Dana.

It’s fairly impressive and exactly what I need. My large gaming / art XPS shouldn’t be hauled around unless I need it. As I near the reality of having my own office/mediation space again (Monday, the wall paper comes down…I finally got the room cleaned!) I will soon have a place for all my art stuff, my altar and everything else I need. This is exciting and fun.

No frets, my first laptop was a Compaq Aero. It was tiny though heavier and twice the size of the Asus eee PC 900. My small fingers started typing well immediately. You just need small hands, of which I have.

Which reminds me…can you loose weight in your feet? My shoes keep falling off and some were tight before. Did they stretch? I’ve lost another bra due to it being too big. I’ve never had this sensation before. Remember when I weightless pre-pregnancy I was four sizes bigger than I am now (though I suspect that may just be due to the fasionistas changing the sizes for s&g).

The story of how I got it can’t be repeated here, so if you want to know you have to talk to me in person. Lets just say that all is good. Oh! I got the kitchen re-organized as well. The cookbook shelf, has just cookbooks, there is a new spice cabinet and you can find things! Yeah!

Apparently somebody doesn’t know about the big ass tile named “Desktop”Mike Kelly – Referring to Cries that Windows 8 is Dead.






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  1. The Dragon Queen Avatar
    The Dragon Queen

    Yes, you can lose weight in your feet. Before WLS I was a 10 Wide, today I’m a 9 Medium. Buying new shoes is fun, but losing all the shoes you just paid good money for is annoying as hell.

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