A Week of Life

Screw that.

So Monday comes around and the panic begins. It was suddenly remembered that those in charge needed all the reports that The Office Staff(TM, All Rights Reserved) should have been providing. Ya know all those reports that I’ve left laying dormant for the last several months cause of More Important Things To Do.

So I put them off a little longer (don’t forget this is me trying to get my normal work done under the stop in your tracks deluge of Orders (sample and override) that only I can do) while I get done the end of the month stuff. Then it was Tuesday afternoon and I’m just getting to the first part. This would be the three legal sized pages of 25% scaled down print full of report requests (by the end of the day please) part.

I haven’t even touched the massive by product accouts sold, cases sold, this year, last in for different types that needs to be reconverted before moving up and finishing december to have done this Friday part. It takes weeks to update this. I have two days.

Assuming I get this done, which is iffy at best, I then have incentive catch up. Then, maybe, deals.

Whee. I had an interview last week. Doesn’t look like it will pan out (damn, as I look longingly at my cell phone). I am very tired of this job.

Instead of getting a laptop from the company, I bought my own. A niffty, high powered Dell XPS M170. Drool peons. I can game, I can do 3D, I can write…and I’ll have Beast to mess on while things render, or while I’m resting in FFXI. If I can convince them to setup VPN, Mainframe, Terminal and DSS access on my toy then I’ll even work from home (for the low, low price of minimum needed for two people to live on in Denver per hour). It would give me more work hours in the day but save my ass while I’m on Vacation or Sick (Or if Pooh Bunny’s sick).

Will this fly? I have a feeling not so much, but it won’t hurt to try. It would be their loss really. Like someone put it for me today: Working for this company is like living in a cave. We can peek out and see flying cars and super-gadets, but our evil boss overlords are content with the rocks we use as tools. (Update: I did ask. The boss would not look at me as we talked. Are my days numbered? Is some new grab-bag of sludge coming to deluge my plant infested hallway? Are they planning to doc my pay and put me in a bunny suit while throwing rotten eggs my way? Only time will tell.)

But I am getting my toy. Acutally I’ve got my toy. When I got my confirmation email, I noticed there was an order number but no customer number or ship date. So I called Dell (India), they were great. Not only did they call me back every time something developed, they upgraded me to overnight shipping, (without telling me. I was told that the ship date of the 9th, not a recieve date of the 1st, but I’m not complaining here). Now I’m just waiting for the missing carrying case and new surge protector (the latter is on it’s way, the former missed getting into the box but a quick call to India and they have got me all set up, plus two confirmation emails with order numbers waiting for me in my inbox). Dealing with India was much better than the last time. Dell seems to have cornered the market in that country. Dell’s CC knew what they were doing. Quest’s CC barely knew where I was calling from.

Last night all I had time for was setup. Still the screen was beautiful. My light setup came as blue, I’m going to change it to pink as soon as I figure out how. It had to restart about 30 times during all the updates and such for setup but it took all of 17min. I got the junk uninstalled. Tonight I’ll make lists, then start on installing stuff. Of course I have to do my bills, then deal with Itunes. I’m not sure how that will work out. I plan on moving the external harddrive with the music to the laptop…but maybe I’ll just move the music on to Poofer, but I’m a little leary on losing it.

The Pooh Bunny is all happy giggles. She’s been telling me she’s needed her own computer since she 3. She should have a lot of fun with poofer.

Novel Update: I finished that long awaited rewrite on Chapter 2. Now it’s on to the viewpoint change of chapter 3. We get to meet our local trouble-maker/rebel…I think I’ll model him on Patton. Acutally he is modeled on Patton…just not as concerned with history.

Becca’s site is coming along finally, I’m to the actual product stage. More on that later. I should have a working site within the month. That will be good. I won’t entertain compensation that she’s been hinting at until then.

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