A Year in Review, A Look Ahead, A Lot of Damned Writing


My god grant me the serenity to accept the things I can’t change, to change those I can, and shuck the rest into good and bad slush piles to be dealt with as needed, or whenever life gives me chance to party on.


Lots to write today. First I must mention the snow, it’s not just you. It’s a wordpress 2.0 plugin I found. It goes away after 20 seconds if you hate it.

Let’s do a year in review first:

The Year started bad:

January, hubby leaves me, I was diagnosed with cancer which turned out to be a false alarm. I have HPV. I have a bunk thyroid. Medication ensues after much of the cutting into me.

February, A cold Ghengis. That’s all I remember is being very very cold.

March, More of that, medication seems to be working, weigh loss in progress.


May…more Blur, divorce papers finalized.

June…wonderful month starting with a great Bencon. Ends in a depressing way when left for having hpv. Bastard. Found out he left me for someone else away. Bad track record for that on my part. Nephew is born. So cute! Mother showes up.

July…hpv free. Started “internet dating” Waste of time. Nephew still cute. Mother leaves. Send in various stories. Divorce Final!!

August…Work upheval. I survive by seat of pants method.

September….Extremely fun Tacticon. Got to play Serenity. J. invited me to his game. Made friends with Becca. Became Becca’s web mistriss (Which we must discuss young lady, if you read this….I’m waiting on you 🙂 Got to see Serenity.

October, started in J.’s game. J. & I get together. It is a month of good.

November…NANO…failed again. J. & I going strong. Work Sucks. Life good. Birthdays celebrated.

December…more of November…more writing…several rejections. Send out more stories. (Thinking of ambushing Becca…nothing against you dear…I’m just ansy 🙂

All in all, Good Year.

I’m working on some Tarot Card stuff. I’ll be journaling that here. I’m working on modifying a plugin for it’s use. Be paitient.

I’ve come up with a new non-fiction Idea. I don’t know how far it will go, but so far? Good Good. I’ve got an outline already.

I fired up Poser again and discovered it had an update. I installed it and…wow. Injection was much faster. No crashes. I’m pretty happy. Haven’t tested rendering yet. I did get the poses together for the fool card.

J. got me a Cuisinart for Christmas. (He started asking what I wanted directly from the Airport) So I made him (and the rest of the gamers tonight) a pie. For Thursday, Salsa!

He’s so great. Chopping things has been holding me back.

Let’s see if we can get Sacred Space done in two days. That would be helpful. I want to send to that anthology.



Tarot Journal Exercise

Exercise 1


I love roses. They are my favorite flower. I like yellow for their scent. Red for the color. Mutihues for the surpries they hold. I love white with peach, red with yellow.

I love roses. It’s funny, I can remember roses being the first thing I was taught to draw, the first thing I was taught to make out of clay. They smell wonderful, are great to decorate with. My curtains have roses.

My table has blue roses on it. My garden has purple and white roses in it. I have a jar filled with white rose petals for burning or boiling.

Just fun.

I love the name rose. If I every have another daughter, I think I want to call her Rosemund. I eventually have a character called that anyway.

Painting roses is much, much harder. I’ll still try though.

Writer Progress:

Without Honor: Word Count 37861

Temptation: Submited–Chronicle (Rejections-1)

Mistaken: Submited–Arts & Letters (Rejections-1)

Between Kingdoms: Fermenting, after chop word count 10612.

Sacred Space: Word Count 494

78 Images Later: Outlining

Grandpa story–Fermenting

Lucy’s Story–Fermenting

Homophobia: The fear that another man will treat you like you treat women.Andrew Sullivan


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