Abadon-syntax: a new syntax theme for Atom

I did it. Finally. I hit publish and everything.

It’s been such I long time since I contributed to something. And it feels small, but I created an Atom theme and published it to Atom package repository.

You can install it by searching for Abadon under themes.

Abadon-syntax theme page

Abadon-syntax repo

Things I learned:

Atom doesn’t always add path to Windows on install.

The version on your computer must match the version on Github

Don’t try to hand fix the version. Seems like common sense when you say it out loud.

I’ve created themes for other editors but never published them. This is first time. I still can’t get my images to show outside of Github though the feature image for this post is some HTML I’m working on, and the main screen shot for Abadon.

So yay! Look what I did. Things.

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