About Those Things…

I really can’t remember if I mentioned that after B5 we moved on to Kenshin.

From now on…I say we pick shows everyone hates…cause this everyone loves this show bullcrap is only getting us the worst in tv shows.

Kenshin is bad. They have a rule…talk during fights…and if you talk long enough you’ll heal. It goes down hill from there. From the dialog to the art to the plot…nothing is consistent. We’re stopping at disk 14, because honestly we can only take so much shit.

I sent M. the novel in it’s parts now. I need to:

Collect my notes
Write a PP article
Write two modules.


52 Stories
Outline: Dreamfire
Chapter 7: Weddings are so boring, Penny would rather astrally project into a dungeon.The Magicians



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