Adventures With Navbo


What to Do with a Used Furby

For my daughter’s first birthday, my grandmother sent her a used Furby. Though still in it’s box it had no directions. Being the year 2001, the Furby craze had long past, and this little first gen black and white fuzz had already been surpassed by baby furby’s and second gens.

I had heard about how wonderful and amazing Furbys were, but when we replaced the batteries we found a typical electronic toy with programmed repeating phrases (our furby apparently already knew English and the little reset on the bottom doesn’t do anything) some of which were triggered by light and movement. Later someone told me you really needed two to see the amazing stuff, but at 50 dollars a pop, I said no. Besides would a new one work with our sad little creature?

Aia particularly enjoyed the movement part his screams delighted her as she winged him around.

Though loud and annoying, there is something loveable about this tragic little creature. At some point he introduced himself as Navbo, I can still hear that sped up voice saying, “I am Navbo”. I suppose I could have misunderstood him, but it was cute. After a few months his batteries died and he slept with eyes open in the bottom of my daughter’s toy-box. Poor Navbo, I did not have the money to replace his fuel cels.

Then a few days ago my grandfather found him and replaced the batteries and my daughter was once again delighted. He asked me, “How do you turn that thing off?”

“Either put him in a dark room and leave him alone or take out the batteries,” I said.

Even my grandfather didn’t have the heart to do that.

© Michelle Norton

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  1. Amber Avatar

    Wow. Well i some how ran across your blog when doing a google search and decided to read it. This post really did make me cry. I am going to put on my myspace blog and hope that others will read it and pass it on too and maybe someone will think twice about doing that to their animal.

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