Ah yes, Batman, Guild Wars and Working

So I almost have all the Tacticon updates up. If you’re gunning to register for Tacticon you can now. You’ll just have to download the booklet at the moment.

I’m planning to have more updates up today. Percoset messes with me. I worked on the website for several hours yesterday then ended up taking a percoset because the tubes started to bother me big time. I gave up about an hour after that as my head got extremely fuzzy and I couldn’t connect the code together. It’s a bad day when you can’t figure out where the img tag goes in href tagIt doesn’t…that’s how bad it was.. So I have a lot of the game listing pages done…but I’ve screwed up the code badly. I’ll work on them today.

So because I did some shopping for groceries, Worldcon and scrapbooking early that morning, I picked up a copy of Guild Wars to try. I’m missing FFXI terribly…I can’t justify the time or the money. Guild Wars doesn’t have a monthly fee, the graphics are very much like Final Fantasy, and it’s a fantasy online game. Score.

It took most of the afternoon to install 2 disks and allow it to download updates. I either worked on the webpage where I could, ie: little updates, researching ticket code to use on the eventual fully automated shopping cart site for the DGA, or playing Aurora Feint on my iTouch until it made me dizzy.

I haven’t touched the Wii in a while due to this whole mess. I’m still not supposed to exercise but I have to move some things. I’m trying hard not go more than 10lbs at once. So far so good.

So Guild Wars installed. The first thing you get to do is choose whether to be a PvP munchkin or an RPG player. That’s totally cool that they separate those out. The generation part was nice and very customizable. Not as much as CoH but more than FFXI. The graphics are beautiful in the pastel style of FF but with a more solarized look. I’m in heaven. I got to level five and had fun. The catchphrase of the game is: A game that takes skill in stead of time. So far I believe it.

Dying so far hasn’t had any penalties…you revive in the various shrines. You can’t explore buildings like FFXI which is too bad but the landscape is pretty awesome. Some of it’s very open like FFXI some of it is very path oriented. You have to pick up items that monsters drop, you don’t have to pick up your stuff when you die. You can color you clothes with various dye and get new ones. The various characters I saw in game where as varied as CoH. There are a lot of drops, and gold. Though some merchants take trade instead of gold. The games tracks your missions and orients the map to the mission. Once you’ve been to a place you can open a travel map and go instantly to various places instead of walking there.

Overall…very cool.

I saw Batman, disturbing beautiful and insane. Very dark, very worth the money. This is the batman I grew up reading. The one I grew up watching was very different. I like this one better.

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2 responses to “Ah yes, Batman, Guild Wars and Working”

  1. Bryon Avatar

    Ah yes, Guild Wars. I definitely liked it at first, and you are definitely correct, the landscapes are beautiful. I think the challenge I have with it is the same one I have recently had for all online games but one: complete lack of immersion or role play. Any town in Guild Wars you are instantly greeted with wtb or lol , etc. At least in guild wars that all shuts off as soon as you leave a town. Ah well…there is always virtue server on City of Heroes for real rp online gaming…

  2. Michelle Avatar

    If I didn’t find CoH completely boring to play, I would come back.

    One weird thing about GW is that when you leave town there is no one else. In FF you can find folks everywhere. There are no places that have no one.

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