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If you belonged to All Things Tarot you may have noticed that it disappeared today. CT deleted it without warning and has disappeared as well. No explaination has been offered. I note it down to the flighty.

Some Things Tarot…started by an ATT former member has started to take ATT’s place in the tarot world.

If you would like to join please go here:

Click here to join SomeThingsTarot
Click to join SomeThingsTarot

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  1. Jen Avatar

    Yep. It’s gone.

    But ever since the launch of last week I can’t say that I’ve cared much.

    (The whole “Reading Code” thing is pretty nice. My sister’s been sending me readings all week).

  2. Michelle Avatar

    While Ifate is interesting…it does not take the place of a live reading. Like many of the free reading sites out there the readings are automated.

    Of course this one looks nicer than most of them.

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