Americans, Culture, and Idiots.

I’m going to use generalizations. Deal with it.

It pisses me off that people get surprised when they realize we are all from the same country. Really people. America has a culture that includes a weird love for action movies and well prepare meals.

So when Bill O’Reilly figures out that black Americans and white Americans are part of the same people I just want to slap him upside the head. Who gives this idiot a show? My level of expectations for a restaurant are the same no matter who runs it. Clean, well prepared food. I should be able to find that in Harlem, Trinadad, El Paso and Cleveland, not just the LA, LV, NY, DC square.

To top it all of I’m listening to NPR last night…where they interviewed the director for The Kingdom, Peter Berg. Not only does he give away the ending, and comes of like a moron with “I wanted to make people think” attitudeThere is nothing wrong with make people think. People should think. But when you sound like an idiot the only thing people think is that you are an idiot. I’m sure some of you are thinking about me this way now.but takes it all a step further.

Peter Burg discovers that Americans who practice Islam like action movies too.

Of course they do..they’re Americans. Hell, half the world loves actions movies. Why would this surprise you?

He was shocked that his Sacramento test audience laughed and cheered during the movie. Afraid he’d offend someone he re-tested it with a Muslim audience. They laughed and cheered too. Why…the action was cool he was told.

He was shocked.

I wanted to ring his neck. If you make a good action flick you shouldn’t be shocked by this. And figuring out that the various subcultures of America have things in common shouldn’t shock you either.

Last I checked, we all lived in the same country.

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