Another Chapter rewrite, booyah!

Chapter 4 has been gone through, added to, and revised. This is Caedric’s first chapter. Being the only main character with any status, he’s first to see some seedy underdealings at the keep. But he’s also the resident “unobtrusive person of trust” so things are said around him that others might not hear. I’ve planted some seed for what is to come and I think I added a good enough dose of forboding. The chapter should be a bit confusing. People seem to be acting out of character and are called on it. Only one gives an answer. Something wrong, something is changing. So far, only Caedric is on the verdge of find out what.

It gives me some excitment too. I know what’s going to happen, but I’m not yet totally sure on the how. I’ve planted thorny roses but I don’t know how twisted they will grow. I’ve got four very powerful people who aren’t really in control of themselves. Of course problems ensue.

Work has been another pleasure of absurdities. We got two emails yesterday on the dangers of opening the doors to strangers and employees who forgot their badge. One, from our security director, gave us gory senerios on what could happen to us if we were to open the door to anyone, including employees who forgot their badge. They must not have realized that there are a lot of disgruntled people here with security clearance who don’t forget their badge every day.

Like glass doors with no one watching them are going to be a deterent for the mass murder/suicide crowd. Oh there are cameras, but no one watching those could do anything but watch.

Am I worried? Nope. As my grandma says, why be afraid of flying when an airplane could just land on your house anyway. Sure it could happen. It’s more likely that we will have a postal occourance with the current staffing policies here. But really, I have enough stress with this job already. Besides, if I deny the president of the company entrance to the building next time based on those letters then I’ll probably be fired. That’s something to consider. Though BF might be saddened at the loss of a cheap booze resource it’s not why he started dating me to begin with, it’s just an added perk.

But if you thought that was all on the crazyness front you would be wrong. Rumors are that Our Illustrious IT department will not be sending reports electronically because it is impossible. Keep in mind that currently we have a harddrive dedicated to electronic reports (which goes realitivly unused since the sensless firing of the report guy because our new system will replace him before we’ve even tried it of ’04) and many many people are emailed their most important reports (which everytime I try to find out which ones I am thwarted).

And all these reports come from the same system.

I plan to talk to the higher-ups about it. It might just be a rumor. But it won’t be the first baldfaced lie IT has told people. So I’m inclined to believe the rumor.

Back to more important things, such as writing.

I’ve still got those three stories out there. Hopefully I’ll hear something soon. Well. All for now.

There is only one difference between a madman and me. I am not mad.Salvador Dali



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