Another Damn Week…

Aia’s new bed has been a fiasco.

First they sold me a bed that doesn’t exist.

Finally I got the bed…started putting the bed together…found out the ladder was broken.

Got a new ladder. Continued to put the bed together…got to the last leg (literally) and it’s broken.


So I call the company again…but no part comes. Turns out the forgot to send it out. Another week passes. Turns out that the part was returned to them…probably due to damage.


SouthShore is really pissing me off. Aia comes home permently next week…I don’t know if we’ll have a bed for her by then…I’m going to finish getting the guest room cleaned up again so that I can insure Aia won’t have to sleep on the couch…but I’m ready to kill these folks. I’ll be calling again tomorrow and the next day and the next. No more waiting.

Sigh. It give me a good reason to play Bible Fight. And yes that is Jesus about to drop kick Mary and baby Jesus at the parting of the Red sea…why do you ask?

Bible fight

Up the airy mountains, down the rushy glen, We daren’t go a-hunting for fear of little men.William Allington







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