Ants, Bane of the Universe

I am not an ant lover.

No, you don’t have to be an ant lover to be a pagan.

Now saying that, it’s time to add the qualifiers (crazy talk!). I hate Ants. They dig up my flowers and come into my house. I set the traps this year but the buggers are coming in all over. I haven’t found a hill yet. The moment I do it’s death by boiling water.

Today they were in my daughter’s lunch box. So after I weed and water, I will spray. After payday, I will granulate.

War is hell. This battle was won at lunch. Michelle: 2, Weeds & Ants 0. mwhahaha.

Then I decided to spend on lunch and went to Wendy’s. Of course the evils have shifted the universe and destroy their oh-so-yummy chipotle sauce. Apparently buffalo is making a comeback and chipotle is passe. Oh well time to start buying peppers to cook with at home again.

Of course if Tabasco does away with their chipotle sauce, I might have to bomb the factory.

The war on paper is not going as cherry. Sacred Space was rejected. Of course it was the best rejection to date. Lots of how they were evil bad publishers for not accepting the story and that I should laugh at them went I become famous. Made my day.

So three shorts to rewrite. The ever present Without Honor, and an outline for the next nano to start on. I’ll be a more prepared ML this year. My schedule is much more open.

On the website front. Linkage ensues on the HOD site. Becca’s site is still in attribute limbo. More chipping to be done tonight. Applebranch rose from the ashes last week and now I have to finish a slight redesign…tonight. All three need pictures taken to be put on the appropriate fuzzy page.

Battle of Fuzzy: New contact forms and the uploading pictures. Then reviews. Then back to 78 images.


I started with the new gym last tuesday. That gives me six morning workouts so far. Why is this easier than curves? Well:

1. I can bring the poohbunny.

2. They have treadmills, I can read and walk two miles every morning.

3. They have showers, which turns my morning routine to 6am throw on gym clothes, wake bunny, do lunch and dog then out the door by 6:30. Work out for 45 min. Take a nice, long shower and get dressed, then off to work. No running home to shower.

After all that, maybe some art and video games. Maybe some dollhouse. Life is full. Life is good.

I dreamed a thousand new paths… I woke and walked my old one.Chinese Proverb


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