Astrological Spread

Deck: Hanson Roberts, Druid Animal Oracle for Significators.

S. Black Bird (r) / Page of Swords
1. The World (r)
2. The Hermit
3. Justice
4. Knight of Cups
5. Ace of Rods (r)
6. Page of Pentacles
7. Ten of Swords
8. The Sun
9. Five of Swords
10. Ace of Swords (r)
11. High Priestess (r)
12. Four of Pentacles

Question: What is my situation right now in relation to job finding?

I think the blackbird is my concious..saying your right, find what you want do to, you must be happy but do it faster! Heh…The acciedental significator says seems to say I am teetering on change…The world says the same, perhaps gives me a warning to look a little further than finding a job. I’m wisely handling what little finances I have. Justice seems to reminding me of the divorce. I have to be there at all costs. Yeah my family is helping me. The ace of rods is right that I feel I don’t have time to do what I enjoy doing…I feel frustrated. Health…yeah trying to watch that. marriages.ten of swords…yeah my marriage is dead. In my career the same…maybe a different tactic on these two cards, maybe I will have to be more solitary because I won’t be home and have little time to practice or enjoy myself and others..sounds like that 911 job. Okay back track….all good on the inheritance side, no death there..sun is happyness. Religion: I’m uncertain because I may have to move and loss the relgious standing I have. PSA is the only thing good here. Friend situation dismal…at least in how my old friends are…new aren’t too deep yet…getting there, but if I move? Stability my secret fear…I don’t think so…it’s all a want right now. Maybe from a burden side…it is my burden to provide that for my daughter.

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Outline: Dreamfire
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