At home with kideny stones…

So I managed to ruin our Thursday night Air-a-thon with kidney stones. It was only 2 milimeters…so felt really stupid for going to the hospital. Though M tells me it’s best that I went.

My poor sister had to take me to the hospital and come back and get me went they released me at 2 a.m. doped up on morphine. I spent most of Friday in bed. Saturday I got up and saw Indiana Jones (it was good, a good ending too. I loved it. And before you say BUT…it’s no weirder than anything else he found…really. I read the Wall Street review…I don’t think he watched the movie. Mayan’s and Incan’s don’t equal Aztecs stupid.)

I felt much better yesterday. I came into work to day but I’m the only one here I’ll just catch up from Friday and go home.

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  1. Misty Avatar

    You did not ruin our Thursday night . . . added a little spice maybe . . . and there are better ways to get attention . . . but the nice thing about movies on DVD is they don’t go anywhere. Besides, think how stupid you would have felt if you decided not to go and your appendix burst . Don’t let hindsight fool you!

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