Atkins Induction

So I started Atkins this week. After going over low carb choices with my doc, we settled on this. Gah. This is hard enough already. I miss fruit…two weeks till fruit.

I’m on day 3. And it’s hard. I feel sick. According to the book you’re supposed to. Gah. But…I’ve been loosing a pound a day so far. I also found this website, Sugar Free Sheila. The recipes on those pages have been life savers. Really, cheese chips…cheese chips! And the pumpkin bakes have been really good.

I can’t go the hard boiled egg route…I need them too doctored up. But tonight is spaghetti squash and chicken. Num.

Now if I can just fit in some sleep and lose this con crude.

The discontented child cries for toasted snowArab Proverb







2 responses to “Atkins Induction”

  1. atkins recipes Avatar

    But where do you find out what you should and should not eat? There are tons of diet books out there but are they telling you the correct way?

  2. Michelle Avatar

    This is in connection to the Atkins diet…the book tells you.

    As for if it is right for me? I know what I should and should not eat based on my condition and the medications I take for said condition. I really love my doc, she’s been a life saver.

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