Babylon, Men and Saturns

I did have a date this weekend. As it turned out someone answered the Yahoo ad. It was bomb though. He smoked (never, never, never again), he found me paranoid for wanting to meet in a public place (he doesn’t like leaving his apartment), and he found gaming and reading childish while World of Warcraft was a much worthier pursuit (think about that).

Ah the joys of online dating.

I think I need to put shy in my profile. Oh wait, I did.

He had a Saturn too. My track record with men who drive Saturns is not turning out good. I’m 0 for 3 on that score.

Yes I know, I changed the webpage.

Yes I know it sucks.

I’ve got to fix the header. I like the type but it’s not what I want. Yes, quotes are going over on the left side. I’m still playing with it. Suffer in silence. I still need a new contact script. It’s only my list of things to do. And lots of graphics to fix. The link graphics, the tarot page graphics. It’s so hard when most of my graphics software is on poofer and poofer doesn’t like to get up in morning anymore.

More on the lit vs SF debate at Making Light Some one posted this:

Letter from Yale

While the author goes into the Ph.D economics, the lit crit stuff reminds so much at my time CSU and UNC that I almost cried.

A friend and I are finally sitting down to watch Babylon 5.

How, you may ask, can you proclaim yourself a geek and not have watched this?

Easy, we were never given a chance.

You see Babylon 5, like Voyager, premeired on channel 20. Which is all well and good, but in the mountains we did not get channel 20. As far as I know, they still do not get channel 20 (what is now UPN here).

By the time I lived in a place that recieved channel 20, the series had moved to the SciFi channel. It wasn’t until 1998 that I moved to a place that had the SciFi channel.

Now, I’ve watched a few random episodes in the past, and I have found them good. I have refrained from bab5 discussion since I haven’t really seen anything.

So my friend and I sent away to Netflix for the first season. It took two weeks to make it through disk one.

Thank god we have friends that promise us Captain Obvious and Doctor Longwind go away.

Four episodes in, we are struggling to like the show. Oh we like the security officer, (my older self finds him cute, while I’m pretty sure had I watched this in my teens I would have been annoyed by him). To be fair, we understand that this is still in the “copy ST:NG” phase as most other SciFi shows were then. We know it has to get better. ST: DS9 was excellent during that same time period. This just has to be.

As for CO and DL. Why why why? The plots are pretty transparent right now, but the characters have to wait for CO to state it before it happens. I usually find one or two characters in a series that I just want to die but one of them shouldn’t be the commander of the whole friggin station.

18 episodes left in season one. gah.

And I’m sorry but she looked so nutsoid popping those soul bubbles. Had that been the first scene in the show I would have labeled her resident serial killer.

I still might label her resident serial killer.

I saw 40 Year Old Virgin this weekend.

Despite the embaressing fact that I was only person in the whole theather without a date (apparently this is a date movie, there were no groups only couples), I stuck it out through the whole thing.

It wasn’t bad, so much as embarassing. If there is such a genre as guy’s romanitic comedy (or guy flick? But a guy flick is action boom boom…so?) this is probably it.

Plus I have that soft spot for geeks. The main character trancended his geekdom but did a 360 and ended up back there again. Age of Aquarius….make it stop.

Still until that point, the movie did not do the wink, wink at the camera bit ala Zoolander. So it was very believable.

Hey now, geeks get more than you know.

But when they got to the end they did need to laugh at themselves. Which is, what I think, the whole ending was for anyway. The condom part wasn’t very believable, but it’s only point is to lead into the daughter’s own sexual frustration so it is forgiven.

Did I just write that?

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