Back Again

It was weird. 

It was wierd, hot, humid and fun.  Phoenix is humid.  Makes me want to recind water rights.  The con was…well exagerated.  They do things a little crazy.  Instead of musterWell, RPGA mustered in the basement, it was the other rpgs that had a problem you had to get to the main table 30 min before to hunt through a notebook for your game’s page to see the table number.  Then you had to search through 4-5 rooms to find that table.  If you were any later the GM already took the sheet and you were SOL because the “staff” never knew what to next, or where things were or where you might need to go.  So then you could try Table Hunt(tm), but if the GM moved or left or whatever you could be just as screwed.  There were no tickets, games were all included in the price of admission.

That was frustrating.  However the painting table…dear god…the painting table was so cool.  I was introduced to Confrontation minis.  Probably the most imaginative fantasy minis ever.  I’ve got two painted…I’ve got to get pics for my latest up.  I’ve to finish the one from my friend, Fedp, and then I’ve got to do mine for the game and J.’s for Greyhawk.  One guy asked me about doing commissions, but, to be fair, I sent him to a guru store I found at the con.  I also have some new glue, accelerator and epoxy putty for fun. 

 Food was okay.  Lack of communication was appalling.  J. and I walked in a perpetual state of confussion.   The hotel was under construction and we were constantly told the wrong time.  We managed to find the Saturday night party which was fun but then I was introduced to Skittles Vodka, it was bad and nasty and vomityJ’s boot, sink then toilet.  Poor Hotel..

 The suite we were in was nice with feather beds.  Limos were cheaper than taxis so we took one to the hotel.  This was actually my first limo ride, which was neat. 

 I won a book in a Cthulhlu Tourni.  I really like Iron Kingdoms.  Gaming was good.  I actually had a character which could make people forget.  We never got to the module, which was my characters goal.

Now I’ve got work todo. 

I want to work on the HOD and Silver Dragon sites this week.  I need to get ready for the first writer’s meetup.  I need to paint.  I need to write.  This week I need to make sure my characters are set for the Serenity module I plan to run at Tacticon.  There is one suck about that.  I won’t be able to stay at the hotel for Tacticon.  Additional money matters for the Poohbunny’s school will break that.  Maybe a night but not every night…not without three roomates.  Sigh.

Well here it goes.   At work they didn’t get the deals done. So I’m a bit rushed.  At least it’s a short week.

The weight thing.  I manage to get some cardio in during the vaca but cheeting was rife.  I gained three pounds to make 190 at todays weigh in.  Ouch.  Daily Joy is bab 5.  I am back on track.

If I let myself get hung up on only doing things that had any actual chance of success, I’d never do anything!Elan, Order of the Stick



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