Back from the Dentist…Horror Stories

I finally save up enough money for Aia and I to go to the dentist (she’s been going regularly, I have not) and things explode.

The dentist asked us to never come back (that’s a first, usually I leave in a fit of rage before they ask me to leave). Aia had to have a root canal. One month ago she had a filling, no problem. Two weeks ago she had her teeth cleaned, no problem. Last week I had my teeth cleaned, no cavities or problem. Today we went for Aia’s root canal.

Now this dentist seemed okay. He had assistants, he had fairly low prices and was fair when I found problems. He had modern equipment. He claimed to do kids and adults.

Aia was pretty scared of the dentist, but when they brought the nitrous oxide out she freaked out. We got her calm but the bite block hurt her mouth so much she wouldn’t hold still for long periods of time. Her gum was enflamed, and the root canal took some time. He wouldn’t talk to her, comfort her or ask her questions…half way through the procedure he told me he really couldn’t handle kids at all and would send me to a specialist. BTW, it’s best if you found a new dentist too, even though I’ve paid all the bills. They gave me the name and the address of the dentist who fucked up Aia’s fillings and hates insurance last year. Just great.

FTLG. I managed to stay nice. This is the second time a dentist has embarrassed himself in front of me. The second time when dealing with a root canal I’ve had a dentist flake out. What is it with dentists? They might be good at what they do but then they’re probably retarded when it comes to insurance. Or they are half-assed. Worse they’re stupid. Even worse they pretend you have cavities so they can make you pay for expensive procedures (had that happen too). It seems to take forever to find a decent one, and then something happens to them and you have to start the process over.

Now Aia has a root canal and I can’t seem to find anyone willing to cap it and get her teeth protected. Friends have family have given me some recommendations, but they either don’t have room for months or they can’t seem to answer their phone…ever (sis the gal you sent me is in that last category).

Aia isn’t happy right now but okay. I’m not happy either.

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