Back into the Swing

Blocked by my fears and worldly responsiblies I need to just work though this.

Trying to get back into the habit of things, lots of things. Part of my past year has been dealing with Fibro. I got the results from my MRI. Clean. That’s awesome but it means that this is part of the Fibro/PCOS/Hypo cocktail that is my physical problem.

Basically this is yoga, meditation and daily tarot. Stop screaming. I know I should be meditating with Fibro. I’m working on it. I really am.

I got a new phone, the MyTouch4G and wow. I love it! Visual voicemail, facebook, twitter and contacts have all been integrated. It has a great battery life; I have not run it down once using in for over 12 hours. I keep the screen dimmed though but it’s a very bright screen. Also I downloaded

Lots of people to deal with and lots of people to be.

more apps for it than my old phone since it has way more space. One of the apps I found was Insight Meditation app which allows you to set bells during the mediation and times the meditation. It all so lets you log the meditation notes as well. If you’ve been reading my blog for while then you may remember that I went through an Insight meditation course awhile back. It’s nice to just set the timer and meditate where ever I am.

Will have time for my own creative journey today.

I’ve started tracking my dreams. Again an app called Dream Journal. I find it pretty easy to type on the phone with the keyboard. Don’t have to tap I can just draw a line through the letters and it brings up the word.

Getting back into doing full daily tarot readings. I suppose it was fear that made me stop. Just after Aia got that near deadly infection. The spreads you see in this post are done with the Intuitive tarot over the last nine days. Going from yearly large spreads an only daily one card pulls to full readings feels so much better.

Another Creative day. Will have to deal with some worldly issues as well.

Also posting on this blog. I want to get into posting five days a week. I feel much better once that happens. I expect to attach a reading to every post. I feel like I’ve been quiet with no reason. Silly, no?

With going to the land, packing, laundry, work and writing, the cards are as spazed out as I am.

I renewed my BOTA membership. Can’t wait to start that again. The fool card is from the BOTA tarot. I colored it using acrylic paints. Came out well I thought. Speaking of painting, miniatures!!!! I have a ton to take pictures of and more to paint. I’ve got a full mouseguard set to paint as well. I want to use them for my con games. I may miss most of Tacticon this year, but by Genghis, I plan to have the rules for my fantasy system all worked out. I will get back to posting that on Wednesdays starting next week.

I’ve almost finished a scarf and hat set for Aia’s Schweethart monkey. I’m working on a my first knitted shawl. And I have another 2oz of yarn spun!! Rose pink wool from that same felting wool set I’m practicing on. It’s pretty and will go into the remnants blanket I will be starting soon. I have poodle fur from a friend. This will be the first fur I’ll have to card myself. Since I have carding brushes (RE: Large dog brushes). I can’t wait to try. I think I may have enough to make a scarf out it for the friend who gave it me. My spinning is much more consistent now. I do want to get a lace weight spindle for the soy fiber I have also waiting to be spun.

Painted with acrylics, BOTA Fool

Tatting has eluded me. I did finally get the flip and got the knots on the right string. However I haven’t’ been practicing enough and I still can’t get a circle without accidental picots. May I can bring that book with me today. We’re going down to the land tonight. First time in the new house. At least for me. My work schedule has been keeping me from most weekend pursuits. J. took the next two days off so we could go.

All in all things are going well. I am nearly done with my first complete novel. I screwed up and did the revisions on paper first. I will never do that again. Live and learn I guess. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. My current goal is to get that send out by the beginning of August. I am excited. I have been working on the second novel AND a few short stories. I think I will have to trunk Get ’em Where You Can. I have no markets left to send it to though the response to it has been good it still hasn’t been accepted. It did win honorable mention in the Writer’s of the Future contest. Go me.

No army can withstand the strength of an idea whose time has comeVictor Hugo


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