BMI: 34Weight: 193Yes I gained weight over the last weekThe first day my diet was not as good as it should be.  I only got in half the water I needed and probably too much food.  I did get in the thirty minutes on the treadmill, though not the weight training since I did not get to that part of the book until later.  Quiting Curves was a good thing; I just have more options at this gym.  Today I felt like a brick.  I did not make it up in time to get to the gym, but that’s okay.  Since today is cardio only day, I’ll walk at lunch for 30 min.  I found my old five pound weights, with two in each handThese are sliim, pink rods of which I have four.  This is about 20lbs., I should get a good work out.  I did get yoga in Sunday.

Weighing in next week sounds scary. 



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The CIA convened an open panel of scientists in January to discuss potential terrorist uses of life-science research, and the panel concluded that,despite the risks, openness in scientific study was absolutely crucial; in April, the CIA suppressed the panel’s conclusions on openness as classified.[Federation of American Scientists Secrecy News, 4-2-03]




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