I’ve complained before about needing some one to tell me what to do regarding diet. It’s been a vague thing for me…kind of like make-up. I didn’t get that until I’d reached my 20’s.

I do that. I walk in a vague fog where I don’t understand simple things that every other person seems to “get”. I’ve mastered the art of keeping my mouth shut and only offering information when a que comes up. Mostly people only want an affirmation. So it’s easy. I do this with names too. I can hold hours of conversation and know a person for years without remembering their name…and never let it on.

Nowadays I can go look something up on the internet once the conversation is done. That way I’ll be prepared. I’m sure this comes from a vivid imagination and the lack of parental guidance; combine this with a healthy dose of growing up in bumfuck no where, with no children for miles and it makes sense, especially when kids came and left school in waves through out the year.

So back to dieting. I told J. to cancel the gym membership. I’m getting my bike out of storage…the recumbent one you masochists. (I can spell masochists but not recumbent…huh) And I joined weight watchers.

Stop groaning. The points plan is pretty clear one what I can and can’t eat…it’s more direct that counting calories…which is what I did on JUDDDD and with body for life both of which stopped working this year which makes sense with the PCOS diagnosis. JUDDDD with the way my body now stores insulin and Body for Life with not enough exercise…and vague diet plan.

I have stopped JUDDDDing, awhile ago. Exercise has been intermittent with the gym thing. No motivation there…I was much better with the stuff at home. Well as soon as I finish off some boxes…it’s coming home.

I’ve been tracking things all day with weight watchers. The form is really nice…it will let you input recipes and output the points. It has check boxes for daily things like water, fruit, vitamins etc. I can track favorites and most commercial products have been put in the system. I can add my own too.

I’m allowed 25 points a day. I’m allowed 35 points a week over that amount…they do not accumulate.

Goal: Stay at 25 points a day.

Reality: I’ll break this Friday with the company party, but only as much as I have to.

Friends: If I’m with you…tell me no. I’ll be good if some one tells me no.

-Sarah beware, I have been generous up until now, but I can be cruel.

-Generous, what have you done that’s generous?

-Everything! Everything that you wanted, I have done. You asked that the child be taken, I took him. You cowered before me, I was frightening. I have reordered time. I have turned the world upside down, and I have done it all for you! I am exhausted from living up to your expectations, isn’t that generous?David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly – Labyrinth







3 responses to “Begin”

  1. The Dragon Queen Avatar
    The Dragon Queen

    So, can you have coffee/lattes/chai? I need to know before Sunday 😉 If I need to stop you, I want to know now…

    Oh, and good for you! Do what it takes is what I say.

  2. worldnamer Avatar

    I did Weight Watchers and lost ~70 pounds. It was *awesome*. Just remember to stick with it; the willpower is the hardest part.

  3. Michelle Avatar

    Chai, small with skim. Which is fine as all milk tastes the same to me. Chai takes 3-7 points depending on size and milk type. Not really too bad 🙂

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