I’ve had a hard time composing this post…

Binah is…well it’s the female, the germination the dark and the greedy silence.

My being rebels against this. The pagans I talk with project their goddess on Binah. They force themselves to see this Sephirah as their dark mystery goddess but out of this tradition from which this comes I cannot agree with that. This is the subdued woman. There is no choice there. It is like a dirty secret.

Shhh. Don’t tell.

I was told during the meeting that I didn’t have to “get it” if I didn’t want to. But I could not shake the feeling that this was the nastiest Sephirah yet…this is dark where evil hides…the base pain of creation. This is dark that Wiccan’s pretend to fear.

I always thought it funny that pagan have an arbitrary fear system. It has shocked me more than once.

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