Blood Flow: A week in review.


Giving birth to a baby that had to decided to make her glorious entrance into the world face up had its undeniable consequences for the poor mother that was force to stand for six hours during labor because of the pain.

You see, though I love my pooh-bunny in all her princess loving monkey toting horror, I fully blame all monthly cramps on her.

Not god, dog, Adam, apple, or silly ass scientific explanations.

No, my daughter entered this world looking forward just so the back of her precious head could cram itself into my spinal cord for 13 hours.

Before her I had no cramps.

And saying I had it coming only gets you a good whack with my purse (my purse weighs over 15lbs, so think carefully).

After the not so darling made her debut I got cramps that seized up my back, make it difficult to walk and force me to want to stand (which lessens the pain, hence why I chose to stand for 6 hour of my labor). Combine that with job stress that feels vaguely like drowning and you’ve got one agonized puppy.


But of course I’m drowning. Each time my head breaks the surface of the discount ocean a new wave of discounts, presales, reports, that need to be done now washes over me a pushes me further to the sandy bottom of despair.

I know I have website stuff to do. I’m praying tonight I’ll get to it amidst laundry and nail varnish. Apples, Shipping, products. Okay. (Wow, actually did some of that.)

The assistants need assistants. Some one whose shoulders we can stand on to breath.

Today, though, I was called out. Why hadn’t I done all these projects at the bottom of my pile. Because I haven’t had time. But it’s been three months. Yes, it has hasn’t it?

I’m in trouble.

So I spent today shoveling the projects back at them. What’s this…oh my that’s money. Oh god, you haven’t finished that? What do you mean it’s not done, you have to let her know. You have? Oh.

Yeah. Oh.

Calm. Breath. Tylenol. Yeah.

There are upsides to this week. Writing…slow but yes. A pretty new LBD. A Marilyn Monroe number…except in black with black satin ribbon piping and sash belt. New toe shoes and a scarf to match…all for the bf of course. I hope it isn’t too much. He said he was wearing a suit.

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Imagine if someone did this to you in real life: You’re walking down the street and bump into a three random guys who invite you to to join in on assault and robbery; offering you a one-quarter stake in everything and a very real chance at severe bodily harm, without bothering to ask for your name or qualifications.

It’s ridiculous. That sort of thing never happens unless you’re in Detroit.Fear the Boot



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