Body-for-LIFE: Principle Tools

Okay, here I go:The Contract with Yourself:


I Michelle Norton, commit to starting my Body-for-LIFE for Women program on 7-17-06, completing this 12-week Weight Removal Segment on 10-17-06.Due to my hypothyroidism, it should take two twelve week sessions to acctually complete the program. But one step at a time here. I believe that I can accept and complete my Challenge to the best of my ability. I realize this is work and accept the self-care price I must pay to achieve my mental and physical transformation.

I commit to keeping my daily Mind-Mouth-Muscle Journals. I will practice the 10 Power Mind Principles to help my stay the course. I will expect and adapt to adversity and embrace tough times as learning opportunities. I will strive to take action and not to ruminate, bitch, moan, or whine. I commit to pursuing progress, not perfection, in my eating and training. I will find joy to neutalize my stress, take my Mini Chills, and strive to become a master regrouper. I will be self-assertive and fight for the right to take care of myself. I will acknowledge and reward myself for my achievements along the way. By completing the Challenge, I signify honor and respect for myself, and affirm that I deserve heath, happiness, and joy.



1. To fit in clothes I want to wear.

2. To be able to breath.

3. To be healthy.


1. To stay alive for my daughter.

2. To enjoy my life more

3. To remove stress

Run from maternity and wide woman clothes and run to the regular sizes

Run from not being able to lay on my back and run to more back time

Run from unhealthy habits, run to healthy ones.

Run from stress, run to relaxation

Run from illness, Run to a healthy example for my daughter

Run from fear, Run to assertive openness.

Daily Joy:

Dnd night: Absolutly. It worth it for the laughter and time with J.

Mission Statement:

I, Michelle Norton, aspire to the best person I can be. I will support my loved ones, I am grateful the gifts that I have been given, I will honor myself and nurture my needs, while applying myself to what is asked of my to the best of my ability.

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I am confident that if I needed help or a good kick, they’d deliver.

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