Snuck up on you there huh?

I posted a ton of new reviews last week. They’ve been siting on my hardrive while I caught up on getting my books catalouged. I’m caught up fiction wise, but not so much on the non-fiction…more to come though. I read alot…usually 4 or 5 books at a time.

How you ask? Well at least two fiction…one in my bedroom, and one in my purse. The one in my purse is in my order of reading, alphabetical by author. The one in my bedroom is whatever strikes my fancy (or borrowed). Keeps things fresh especially if I’m working through a series on my purse book.

Then there is a myraid of non-fiction. My head board has two writing books, one book on religion in general, the two books for the Pagan Book Study and a few tarot books, rune books and one intution book.

Finally there is the bathroom book. Currently it’s Tarot and Jung.

I’m not counting the various learn it your self book next to my computer (7).

When do I have time…well, during breaks at work, whenever I’m waiting on something or other, after my daughter goes to bed or just before I go to bed.

The point is I make time. You do that, for things you want to do. I’m a firm believer that if you don’t really want to do it you won’t make time. There is no such thing as not have time to do X. Oh I lament about it as much as the next person but that doesn’t change things.

So what about the website? Well, I do make time for it. At least once a week. Sometimes I can’t bring myself to do it but I do make time for it. Making time is also juggling time. And there is a darker side…sometimes you have to not do things you want in order to do things you dont’ want to do but have to. Like cook dinner. Most nights I wouldn’t bother, except I have to feed my daughter. So I sacrifice things I want to do to do this. Same with cleaning and gardening. I’ve got to. I don’t resent it but it makes it hard to relax.

Apparently there is a survey which tells you which Sci-fi author you resemble, but the page is down for a month due to bandwidth overcharges. What ever happened to Bill Gates promise to make bandwidth obsolete?

I heard something slightly disturbing on NPR this morning. It was about the terrorist attacks/atempts in Spain. Whoever speaks for Spain(they always say things like Spain says, as if it were a person not a country) that they feared that by supporting the US on the War on Terror(tm) they may have made themselves enemies of Islam.

Picture now the classic what the fuck moment. You mean 600+ years of kicking muslims out of your country, taking over mosks and creating things like, I dunno, the Spanish Inquisition(not Monty Python the real thing so heinous it is separate from other inquistions) didn’t make you an enemy of Islam before?


Just think if they had taken the Al Queda side. Then they’d be the enemy of Judiasm and the same WTF moment would apply.


I promised you new wallpaper; it’s on the to-do list. I’m working the tarot stuff. I’ve gotten behind on tarot readings again. Be patient.

52 Stories
Outline: Dreamfire
If at first you don’t succeed you’re running about average.M.H. Alderson






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  1. Tarot Books Avatar

    The tradition of tarot is estimated to be over five hundred years old. The traditional tarot has given way to the modern methods of divination, but it still remains a reservoir of ancient wisdom. The traditional tarot decks are the source of origin of the modern playing cards.

  2. Michelle Avatar

    While I mostly agree with this statement…you have one thing wrong.

    Playing cards and tarot developed separately….and barrowed from one another much later.

    In Europe, tarot is still used “traditionally” as a card game.

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