B.O.T.A Initiation and Earth Meditation

I completed the BOTA initiation ritual yesterday, which both serves to dedicate the self and the space in a special.  I found it empowering and uplifting.

I also did an earth connection meditation via the year and the day book.  It was interesting and nice.  It’s the kind of meditation that just makes you feel good.  I got about a third of the way into it though when my daughter started singing about her homework…loudly.

Use the ipod, dammit.

Aw well.  I was pleasently surprised to find that after a long hiatus since regular meditation, that I could still slip right into it.  I could feel the breeze, the earth, the rock, the animals, the trees, and it felt well.

So it begins.

The course of love never did run smoothShakespeare





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