Busy, Rabid Bees Aside

Mexico is next week! That’s right from Saturday till Saturday I’ll be in Mexico.

Too bad I’m so unprepared.

I need to get chapter 5 done by Mexico. That’s goal. This way I can take my notes for chapter 9writing them in order of POV to keep the tone current. Stop figeting. with me to Mexico and write on the beach. That an some drawing time should be for a good vacation.

HOD has finally got an event coming up. Don’t hit me. That’s a good thing. I’ve gotten an idea to mess with the website but that can wait. As soon as I get the details that event will be up.

The Pagan Pantry article has to be done by Friday. I’ve gotten the research done….just need to write the puppy and turn it in. My due date is really Wednesday but really I’ll be in Mexico.

Then there’s BenCon. I’ll have online registration up this week. I don’t know if all the events will be in because not all the events have been submitted. BenCon needs stronger coordination.

What else? Work stuff. Just notes and time cards. Some temp training but nothing big. I have a list of stuff I still need to buy for Mexico and all my bills must be paid before I leave. Due to the new pay schedule I won’t have any spending money for Mexico. Okay I might. I do the bills Wednesday (Really, why wait?), and then I’ll know. If a miracle happens and my paycheck is put in the bank Friday at mid night, I’ll dip. I get two paychecks by the time I get back. Too bad they’re all a country away. Otherwise I’ll borrow from the sister for one outing but pretty much the stuff I planned to stock up on is out. I’ll have to see though. Sometimes, life bites. Oh well at least the food, drink and room are paid for. My mother tried to help by telling me I don’t need to go out at night. She forgets that point is that I can this time. Last time I couldn’t got out not because of money but because I was still breastfeeding. I could only go out 1 night, my mother followed me everywhere and generally I wasn’t allowed out of anyone’s sight unless I was napping. Even then the darn ex hovered over me. So the list of things I wanted to do while there has dwindled to two major things with a heavy weight on one, if at all possible. Here’s to hopping I that I didn’t add correctly in my favor and/or my check is there Saturday morning.

Then when I get back I just need $200 for the loan, at least $100 for groceries, till the 15th. That’s not a problem since, even though I miss a week of pay, it’s an extra week. So by the 15th, with all my bills payed I’ll be much richer.

For the worse that could go wrong, it’s not that bad. 🙂

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  1. The Dragon Queen Avatar

    Can I tell you how friggin’ happy I am that we finally have an event? As soon as Mike can nail down the details (call the woman for the space) I can give you the details to post… Sheesh!

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