Buying Breakfast

I gave into the Starbucks craving today and ended up spending my outside budget for this and next week.

No, I did not pig out.

As I walked over to the Starbucks there was a man asking for change. I don’t carry cash. I almost never have it. I said this and apologized. He stated he just wanted something from Starbucks.

Huh, I thought.

He wasn’t threating, gross or had any of the hallmarks of a fake hobo. So I bought him a sandwich and a Cafe Americano.

He said thanks and looked surprised.

I don’t usually do that…I don’t give money arbitrarily to anyone who asks, I don’t just buy things for random strangers. This was one of those feelings though that said do this.

So I did.

I’m not a hero. I’m really just a madman in a box.Dr. Who





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