Call Ins

So Friday I get this call:

This guy, he has an issue that he’s going to sue for:

He wants to know why the parking in front of the building is reserved for handicaps and the medical center.

Never mind that covered parking is in the back or that the larger parking lot is only 10 feet away. This guy, lazy as he might be, is going to call all the news agencies to raise a fuss over him having to walk 10 ft…or, goddess forbid, having to take a heated elevator into the building.

I’m curious to see if we’ll hear from him again or if he’ll be shamed from existance.

Has anyone else noticed that the vernacular names of the six [Star Wars] films are, in order of release: Star Wars, Empire, Jedi, “the first one”, “the second one”, and “the new one”?kateyule







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