Can I write 500 words a day?

Out of the fun that is Nanowrimo has come several spill offs for a more serious writer. These include Nanoedmo in which to spend 50 hrs of the month editing your Nano novel. As well as Nanopubye which is a plan for having a publishable novel within a year incorporating both Nanowrimo and Nanoedmo.

Now comes NILTOY or Novel in less than one year. The site is slow to form but basically you are to write 500 words a day until the end of October to reach 100,000 words. Sounds like a good plan. I’ve got a little over 100 at this point..but I tend spread my 500 words over blogs, journals, short stories and my novels. (Reminds me to update the word count).

I’m thinking of enabling the Blogroll on wordpress. Oh, I won’t get rid of my link pages, but there are several blogs I like reading everyday and it would be nice to have them handy on the first page. I’m silly like that. But where to put it? Down below the junk on right? Or maybe on the left (but that will ruin the borders which work along the quotes nice.

Next plans for the site include recipes, a resume update…and some work on some basic plugins for tarot and rune study. (I can modify php, I can’t write my own….one of these days I’ll have to work on that tutorial set again).

Aia lost her movie privilages for week for throwing a fit a J.’s house. She lost another day and some toys this morning for throwing a fit when I came to wake her up. I had planned a cheese & chocolate fondu dinner tonight for us, I hope she can be good long enough for it. She’s not a bad girl by any stretch of the imagination, however she can get cranky and mean like any saggitarius. I’m trying to teacher that this is unacceptable. She has grandparent time this weekend, I wonder how they will react to no movies.

I’ve got to update my pulp character as well. I want to get into the playtests this time instead of at Ghengiscon. That will free up some slots for experimentation.

Lots of work, I need to finish the ordering part of Becca’s site by Ghengis as well. It is coming along, I’ve almost got all of the store intergrated into the website. I should have plenty of time to work on it tonight after bills. Stupid bills.

Then I just have to get those products in, it should all be good.

Should anyway.


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Has anyone else noticed that the vernacular names of the six [Star Wars] films are, in order of release: Star Wars, Empire, Jedi, “the first one”, “the second one”, and “the new one”?kateyule



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