Car Issues

My last Saturn, an SL2 lasted 8 years. I’d still have it now if the dealership hadn’t fucked up the engine re-seat. I bought my 2007 Ion2 because it drove well, had features I wanted, came in a color I really wanted and was priced well. I got a happy 4 months out of the car.

Then crap began happening. Half bad luck and half crappy car making. Let me just give you a list: 2 golf balls hit my windshield while driving on separate occasions, a crazy woman tried to run me off the road then blamed me for the damage to my car after pleading guilty and getting a plea deal, 4 CO2 censor replacements, 6 tire replacements, 4 flat tires (on top of replacements), broken windshield wipers, broken traction control, the driver’s side visor has fallen off twice, since I’ve had this car I’ve gone through five insurance reps, the current one is named Ackbar and he won’t pick up his phone, trunk lock broke, needed a new battery and the carpet under the mats I had to buy has worn out.

So far the warranty has covered the half crappy car problems. But now the news gets worse.

Before I continue I need to point out that I think the government should have let the car companies fail. I still believe that. Had they done so (and they still might), my warranty and service options would be gone now, and I would have dealt. But this prolonged crap has begun to piss me off.

You see, as a Saturn owner, I can’t seem to find anyone who will work on my car and not fuck it up besides a dealership. About a month ago, I got a letter stating that Saturn was going to start it’s own car company and we would all be fine.

GM isn’t co-operating. They plan to close all Saturn dealerships by 2011. This week I got a notice in the mail stating that they would no longer be honoring my warranty (expected) but that I had to buy a new one (uh…I’m still paying on the one you aren’t going to honor).

So I have lemon I owe money on and when it breaks down I’m probably going to still owe money on it and they want me to owe more money on it? Hell no.

I am never buying American again. I’m feeling the panic as I need to get ride of this car, but can’t with a loan still on it. This is really going to be irritating.

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