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  • Relearning Command Line

    Relearning Command Line

    Trying do more with programming, I finally had to admit to myself that my command line skills were a bit rusty…Windows 3.1 rusty. Other than some pings, ipconfigs, and maybe a cd or two, I haven’t really worked with anything on that level since maybe 2005. And why would I? I could get around just…

  • Your Team is Not Agile

    Your Team is Not Agile

    The concept of Agile teams is a something that can be freeing. It’s an ever rejuvenating approach to creation and can be great to make large project manageable. You can apply the concepts to all kinds of planning. For example, I use it for how I outline what I write. At certain stages, I reevaluate…

  • Abadon-syntax: a new syntax theme for Atom

    Abadon-syntax: a new syntax theme for Atom

    I did it. Finally. I hit publish and everything. It’s been such I long time since I contributed to something. And it feels small, but I created an Atom theme and published it to Atom package repository. You can install it by searching for Abadon under themes. Abadon-syntax theme page Abadon-syntax repo Things I learned:…