Category: Daily Card

  • Fantasy Fallicy

    Grrr. Lets try this again. If you see magic in a novel do you then expect magic to be able to do anything and render technology usless?

  • Daily Card: Justice

    Justice is finding the phone number of someone who owes you money.

  • Yesterday and Todays Daily Card…and the other Today

    Thursday: King of Swords Friday: 9 of Cups Today: The Tower There I am, shooting forward sword in hand, juggling many projects at once and embracing change. Go Me.

  • Daily Draw: 6 of Pentacles

    Using the Deviant Moon tarot. Who is throwing me what bone…I may be teaching a tarot class in the near future. 🙂

  • Daily Draw: Sun Card

    Image via Wikipedia Today I drew the sun card. It’s a happy card today as it means I’m heading the right direction. Folks are gonna love dinner tonight and I will get my exercise in. I love sun days! The sun is the least drawn tarot card for me. That was a pleasant surprise today.…

  • Daily: Four of Cups (Deviant Moon)

    A card of despair, of stagnant life. I felt this strongly this morning. Life seems blah but exciting things are happening. The world is a wild and wonderful place. The Deviant Moon tarot seems more poignant now. Is that ship sailing with out me? How would I know. Am I there and just don’t care?…

  • Moved, Moving, Changing and Absence.

    Nine of Swords: Sorrow, loss and impossible burdens may be present or near. I drew this from my newest deck…the X Clamp Tarot. What’s interesting about this card is a young boy is tearing off his outer skin to reveal a new person. I’ve been moving. It’s been crazy. No meditation time, dealing with crazy…

  • Daily

    King of Pentacles Connection…Early. Somehow…I got up 15 min late. Helped my daugther with her morning chores and still got to work 1/2 hour early. Serendipidous.

  • Daily

    Strengh Today I had to show the animals whose boss. It was not a good affair. The dog is on restriction…the cats are on notice. Grrr.

  • Daily

    King of Wands Last night before his trip. Then not till next Monday. While I cherish the time alone, I’ll miss him.