Category: Drinks

  • Fruity Sprite

    I’ve been drinking these lately. Great for summer. 32 oz cup Crushed ice 1 can Sprite Pineapple Rum Curacao Fill the cup a little over half way with ice. Pour in about half the Sprite. Add a shot of rum and shot of curacao (or a little more). Add the rest of the Sprite.

  • Watermelon

    1 Shot of Melon Liquor (Midori if you have it) 1/4 cup strawberry daquiri or margarita mix Water and Crushed Ice.  Fill Glass 1/4 full with crushed ice.  Dump in the melon liquor and add water till 3/4 full.  Add strawberry mix this should settle straight to the bottom.  Add more water until glass is…

  • Fuzzy Navel

    2 Part Orange Juice 1 Peach Schanpps Mix. 🙂

  • Cafe Moca, the cheap way

    Ingredients * Hot water * 1 packet of hot cocoa * 1 cup coffee * 1/8 cup french vanilla creamer Directions Combine Cocoa and Creamer. Add Coffee. Dilute to tast with hot water.