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  • Symbolism in the Modern Spellcaster’s Tarot

    Symbolism in the Modern Spellcaster’s Tarot

    When I got the Modern Spellcaster’s Tarot I was enthralled with the art but disappointed that the deck did not spend more time on the symbolism present in the cards. I spent the last six months, working through the deck and taking notation on the symbols I’ve found. You can download that here: [wpdm_package id=’81171′]…

  • Time to Put the Deck Away

    Time to Put the Deck Away

    Having finished my third Hallowquest I think it is time to put the Arthurian Tarot away. I’ve been reading with these cards for nearly twenty years, nearly every day. I know them as well as I know standard tarot. But… I want to expand my readings. I use tarot of course but there more decks…

  • The Dog in the Deck

    Ah yes, the dog in tarot. The dog is a symbol of loyalty, justice, intuition, protection, guidance, the hunt, and reliability. For most folks seeing a dog evokes feelings of childhood, happiness the a great urge to pet the animal. For the rest, a dog evokes a feeling great screaming fear. Generally the dogs of…

  • What is Tarot? Why the Image Matters….

    Of course. I am talking about decks of 78 cards, in which there are four suits of 14 cards and 22 Majors which follow a pattern simlar to the marseille tarot, waite tarot or thoth tarotas I modern school, I’d offer Minetti’s decks as a separate born of the Waite section of tarot. I’m crazy…

  • The Fool and the Magician

    Two cards from the On Freedom’s Wing Tarot. I need to redo these cards.

  • Six of Cups

    Another image from the Comparative Collab deck of 2004.

  • Tarot of the Classical Mythos Card Associations

    Slashes indicate a slight indecision. Majors: Fool-Hermes Magician-Apollo High Priestess-Hestia Empress-Demeter Emperor-Zeus Hierophant-Hades The Lovers-Aphrodite/Hephestus The Chariot-Ares Strength-Athene The Hermit-Aretemis Wheel of Fortune-Tyche/Nemesis Justice-Furies The Hanged Man-Prometheus Death-Hecate Temperence-Hebe/Ganymedes The Devil-Dionysus The Tower-Mt Olympus The Star-Persephone The Moon-Poisidon The Sun-Helios/Eos Judgement-Fates The World-Rhea/Mother Earth Minors Wands 1-Birth of Theseus 2- Melampus 3-Gordias 4-Atlanta 5-Caenis &…

  • Meandering Down a Path

    I thought it would be fun to document my progress on the Tarot of the Classical Mythos. So here goes: After having thought up the idea, I started by collecting information about other myth based decks. I do not own any of the Greek myth decks myself so, I had to rely on third party…

  • 5 of Wands

    This was for the Comparative Tarot Collab Deck a few years ago.