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  • No Man’s Sky: Survival on a Toxic Planet

    No Man’s Sky: Survival on a Toxic Planet

    The first thing I met in No Man’s Sky was something akin to a Pug. I started on the toxic planet of Iroksta Vudbok. Since I got the preorder bonus ship, I started with that (no I don’t know how to build a hyperdrive, but I hear doing a few jumps and not buying a…

  • Dollhouse: Give it more time than two episodes

    People…Dollhouse is total of two, yes two episodes old. Can we give it a season please. It’s not a failure after just two. Heroes is stupidity as art…and we’ve given it how many seasons now?

  • Nourishing my Inner Gamer

    Merry Christmas, Happy Yule all! The majority of my gifts this year have been video games. Yeah me. My inner gamer has been horribly malnourished. I’ve been busy, so very little Wii or Playstation time and my computer has only been functional for about a week. This week, with little distraction, I sat down to…