Chocolate Cake in a Mug Experiment

A few people have sent me links to Chocolate Cake in a Mug. I’ve also seen it featured in various blogs I lurk on. Being a fan of microwave cooking, I decided to try it. The recipe is simple and dry.

This is not something you eat without some soaking. Vanilla ice cream or sweet cream would be awesome. Milk is okay if you’re desperate. The cake is just too dry to eat alone.

I messed with recipe. Instead of 3 tbsp of milk I added 3 tbsp of pudding. This is my cake and cupcake deal too. Pudding gets the milk in but makes cake so moist it melts with each bite. Trust me, replace the milk in a cake recipe with pudding some time. I usually do vanilla but you can go nutty with other flavors. And no sugar free here girls and boys. Get the kind you have to cook. Instant just won’t cut it.

Any way the pudding helped but really this needs some cutting with some cream. Icing would just kill you with sugar over kill. The best way? Substitute the milk with pudding, after cooking drizzle with chocolate syrup, and serve with vanilla ice cream.  It’ll be a bit more elegant than cake in a mug and taste really good.

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