Cleansing is probably not the word…

I haven’t talked about my weight lately because basically, it’s all bad news.

I’ve not followed my diet since before Mexico…nor have I been working out. While the workout will have to wait until I move, the diet begins anew today.


Ron Moore wrote some wonderful comments about the demise of Enterprise on his Battlestar Galactica Blog (which I wish was called “Galactiblog,”) where he basically said that Star Trek was being returned to the care of the fans now, and it’s up to the fans to see where it goes next. I agree with that, and I think that a break from being in production will give the next generation (har. har. har.) of Star Trek creators an opportunity to get some perspective on Star Trek, and let whatever the next thing is return to what made Star Trek so great: Captains who bang green chicks in mini-skirts.Wil Wheaton




3 responses to “Cleansing is probably not the word…”

  1. John LeBoeuf-Little Avatar

    Hey, I know how that is; I’ve been struggling with dieting and that myself. Anyway, hang in there; it’s harder than it seems.

  2. Michelle Avatar

    Thanks for the words of encouragement. 🙂

  3. The Dragon Queen Avatar

    Recognizing what you’ve done is all part of getting back on track. Everyone falls once in awhile-even after WLS I have days where I eat way too much of the wrong things. Just have to climb back on board.

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