Cleansing is probably not the word…

I haven’t talked about my weight lately because basically, it’s all bad news.

I’ve not followed my diet since before Mexico…nor have I been working out. While the workout will have to wait until I move, the diet begins anew today.


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3 responses to “Cleansing is probably not the word…”

  1. John LeBoeuf-Little Avatar

    Hey, I know how that is; I’ve been struggling with dieting and that myself. Anyway, hang in there; it’s harder than it seems.

  2. Michelle Avatar

    Thanks for the words of encouragement. 🙂

  3. The Dragon Queen Avatar

    Recognizing what you’ve done is all part of getting back on track. Everyone falls once in awhile-even after WLS I have days where I eat way too much of the wrong things. Just have to climb back on board.

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