Clothes that Fit

I’m having a terrible time with this and decided to experiment….

I made another foray into the clothing world last weekend. I managed to find sandals for me that were not plastic or crocs-crap….but no luck for aia…it as either those stupid slipper shoes, tennis shoes or plastic croc crap. Ick…

Pants are still a no go. Nothing I tried on fit…it either fell off (yeah!) or pinched (Boo!). I was pretty disappointed in the shirt world too…why is men’s 50’s fashion for women suddenly all the rage? It looks stupid. But I did manage to find a chemise in dark brown that looked okay…so I bought it in Small.

That’s right, Small. And fits and it looks good AND it makes me realize how badly my old clothes are making me look fatter than I am.


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  1. hair loss from pcos 2006…

    That’s how easy it is to figure out your luteal phase length! That alone is valuable information for women who are having miscarriages…

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