Ask me about low-carb diets sometime and I’ll rail against you. The majority of folks on low-carb diets are killing themselves. They’re idiots. Weight is not the only goal here.

However there are several medical conditions that require low carbs…type 2 diabetes, PCOS, Hypoglycemia…I’ve been lowering my sugar intake slowly since my PCOS dianosis last year. I’m about to take this a step further.

Really you should NOT be on a low carb diet unless you have a health condition that says you need to limit carbs or have a doctor who put you on the diet for other stuff monitoring you (WLS folks that would be you…see I didn’t forget.)

But here I am about to plunge off the deep end.

This is not atkins. I’m not taking away carbs forever. I have this list of stuff to stay away from…I have to do all this research so that I may know what foods I can even look at. I need structure…I’m still doing WW Flex….but I’ll have this list too.

  • No bad Carbs
  • Limit Good Carbs
  • Little to No Omega 6
  • Lots of Omega 3
  • No Trans-Fat
  • Eat protein at every meal

I’m already failing today. No protein, rice, juice and sugar. Lots of veggies and fruits though. How do you get protein in every meal? I’m just not sure, yet. I have a good list of Low GI foods to carry around…hopefully June will bring an app to keep this in my Ipod Touch that syncs with the computer.

I hope to have my ducks in order by Monday. My DDR exercise routine is going well. It takes roughly 1 hour to do the 120kcal program. Wii Fit will be here by the end of the month.

My goals with this are:

  • To loose weight
  • To stay under my points as the go down as I loose weight
  • To Feel Better

Very lofty…I know.

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3 responses to “Control”

  1. The Dragon Queen Avatar
    The Dragon Queen

    “How do you get protein in every meal?”

    It’s not easy… Lately I’ve been craving mashed potatoes with gravy, but I have to make sure that if I do eat them, I’d better have meat first and hope I fill up on that part of the meal. I carry around beef jerky and cheese sticks. It’s been annoying to read blogs on how to cut the grocery bill by using meat as a filler and making your meals revolve around rice & pasta. Seems we’re just creating more problems (Type II diabetes anyone?) with this mentality. Plus, I just can’t do that. Call me if you want ideas – I can try to help as much as you’d like.

  2. Michelle Avatar

    hrm…beef jerky is a good idea…

  3. The Dragon Queen Avatar
    The Dragon Queen

    Beef Jerky, eggs and cheese sticks. Those are three of my staples.

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